Testosterone is a major component in determining a man’s appearance, performance, and emotions. As men age, we are robbed of our body’s natural ability to produce and maintain testosterone levels. Previously, age related decreases in testosterone were accepted as normal.
The good news is we can get our levels and lives back!

Current medicine now recognizes that symptoms related to low testosterone are both treatable and reversible, and that there are long term benefits both physically and emotionally to maintaining normal testosterone levels throughout life.
Within weeks of testosterone restoration many patients see benefits that include:
Elevated energy and concentration • Increased strength and endurance • Improved sexual desire and performance
Heightened self-esteem and positive motivation • Decreased irritability and balanced moods.
Call today to schedule a simple 10 minute test to determine your testosterone level
and see if you qualify for testosterone replacement therapy.

Signs and Symptoms

As the body’s testosterone production decreases and levels fall below fairly predictable levels, common symptoms may follow. Read more

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